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Lakeland Car Detail

Mobile Car Detailing in Lakeland!

Welcome to Lakeland Car Detailing! We are the #1 car detailing service in Lakeland, Florida. We’ve detailed cars in Lakeland for a few years, and we’ve brought professional auto detailing services to the residents of Lakeland.  Regularly, people in Lakeland search Google for “car detailing services near me”. Are you searching for an affordable auto detailing option? If so, we are the trusted mobile detailing service in Lakeland! We strive to provide high-quality car cleaning services throughout Central Florida. If you’re in Polk County, then Lakeland Car Detailing is the mobile detailing solution for you! We proudly highlight fully licensed, experienced, and enthusiastic car detailing crews. Although we’ve only been detailing cars in Lakeland since 2018, we’re known as the premium car detailing service throughout Lakeland, FL. We deliver mobile auto detailing services near Lakeland, and we proudly serve the entirety of Polk County, FL. We look forward to detailing your car!

Lakeland Auto Detail
Auto Detailing Lakeland
Mobile Car Detailing Lakeland

Mobile Detailing Services

Are you searching for mobile car detailing in Lakeland, FL? Lakeland Car Detailing strives to provide a professional detailing service to the residents of Polk County, Florida. 🙂 Have you purchased an automobile from Lakeland Automall, Lakeland Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, or Lakeland Toyota? Obviously, Lakeland Auto Detailing strives to bring detailing services to automotive enthusiasts in Lakeland, Florida. As the mobile detailing service of Lakeland, we provide exceptional customer service! At Lakeland Car Detailing, we treat our customers like family. Although we began operating on January 1st of 2018, we’ve quickly become the best detailing service in the Lakeland area. After opening the Lakeland Mobile Car Detailing, we’ve been delighted to deliver professional car details to the lovely home of Polk Museum of Art. Have you searched Google for “auto detailing near me”? Well, don’t look further than the car detailing service of Lakeland FL. Although most people understand the importance of a car wash, the residents of Lakeland underestimate the importance of detailing. In Florida, auto detailing is an important aspect of car care.

After launching Lakeland Car Detailing in 2018, we’ve provided mobile detailing services to the locals of Central Florida. We offer professional auto details at affordable prices. Regardless of your budget, we have a detailing package for you! Typically, people are searching for a complete car detailing package. Are you searching for exterior detailing, interior detailing, or both? As the premier detailing service of Lakeland, we provide an exhaustive list of detailing services. We detail cars; however, we detail other things too! Recently, we’ve begun offering boat detailing services! In addition to boat detailing, we offer RV detailing as well!

In Lakeland, mobile detailing goes beyond a basic car wash. At Lakeland Car Detailing, we use professional-grade detailing supplies. Unfortunately, Polk County has plenty of automatic car wash options. Are you searching for a mobile car wash in Lakeland FL? We don’t recommend using an automatic car wash; however, we do recommend an experienced car detailer at Lakeland Auto Detailing. Throughout COVID-19, we’ve improved our mobile detailing services. We bring professional vehicle detailing to the driveways of Lakeland, Florida. As mentioned earlier, we offer plenty of mobile detailing options such as exterior detailing, interior detailing, complete detailing, boat detailing, and RV detailing. When you’re looking for a detailing service near Lakeland, contact us!

Exterior Detailing

We’re proud to offer car detailing services in Lakeland, Florida. Although we offer a variety of detailing services, we deliver extraordinary exterior auto detailing services. Do you remember purchasing your vehicle in Lakeland, FL? Well, the glossy paint likely gleamed in the Florida sunlight. Unfortunately, the weather in Central Florida fades car paint after a few years of driving on the roads. Are you searching for exterior detailing in Lakeland? Lakeland Car Detailing offers professional exterior detailing services. Although we offer basic exterior detailing (basic wash, etc.) we offer comprehensive exterior detailing services too. For example, we offer paint correction services. In Lakeland, we provide basic exterior details on a daily basis. Generally, we address an assortment of exterior paint issues such as hard water spots, oxidation, swirls, scratches, and other clear coat issues. At Lakeland Mobile Detailing, we attempt to deliver as many detailing services as an auto detailing shop. Although we are mobile, we work hard to restore the exterior of vehicles with our exterior detailing.

We are the highest-rated auto detailing company in Polk County, and we offer high-quality exterior detailing services. Recently, have you detailed the exterior of your car? At Lakeland Car Detail, we don’t simply wash the body of an automobile during an exterior detail. We’ve worked with plenty of automotive enthusiasts in Lakeland, yet they don’t provide an actual exterior detail. We’ve been providing exterior details for a few years; we’ve developed an extensive process for detailing the exterior of vehicles. First, we begin with a simple car wash. While lots of car washes are automatic in Lakeland, we wash cars by hand! Unfortunately, an automatic car wash won’t successfully remove the contaminants from the paint. Second, we focus on the small details like door jambs, trunk jambs, fuel tank, and mirrors. Third, we restore the dirtiest parts of the car: wheel wells, tires, and the undercarriage. At Lakeland Mobile Car Detail, we bring professional equipment to every appointment.  We price competitively, so we offer an exterior detailing service for $80. However, we may charge an extra fee for more advanced jobs. Lately, we’ve begun offering other things such as headlight restoration. If your car has foggy headlights, then we’ll restore your automobile’s headlights! Regardless of the services, Lakeland Auto Detail is the go-to exterior detailing service in Polk County. 

Interior Detailing

Are you searching for interior detailing in Lakeland, Florida? At Lakeland Auto Detail, we offer interior detailing services too! We’ve been providing interior detailing services throughout Polk County, FL for a few years. In Central Florida, interior cleaning can be a hassle! Unfortunately, dirty car interiors cause a myriad of issues. For example, filthy cabins spread allergens throughout the interior while dust may cause electrical components to fail. Additionally, dirty windows may obstruct the view of the driver. We’ve delivered interior detailing for years, and we’re devoted to keeping cars clean, safe, and sanitary. If you commute to work within Lakeland, then you spend lots of time inside your automobile. After receiving the interior detailing services of Lakeland Mobile Detail, the interior of your vehicle will sparkle! 

We provide exemplary interior cleaning services throughout Lakeland, FL. Are you interested in interior detailing prices in Lakeland? Lakeland Car Detailing strives to provide interior cleaning services at affordable prices. For instance, we price our basic interior detail package at $80. Unfortunately, we charge an extra fee for add-on services. Typically, our main add-on service revolves around stain removal. Although we don’t advertise our add-on services, we devote ourselves to providing personalized interior cleaning services to the people in Polk County, FL. In addition to stain removal, we charge extra for sand removal too. We strive to maintain affordable prices, but COVID-19 operating procedures have forced us to charge for specific jobs. As mentioned on our interior detailing page, we offer a plethora of services within our base package though. We always follow a strict process for interior detailing! After vacuuming the interior, we focus on cleaning the other aspects of the interior such as the dashboard, console, doors, and windows.

In Central Florida, we’ve performed plenty of interior details! We employ an accomplished team of car detailing professionals. If you’ve seen our Google reviews, then you’ve noticed that Lakeland Car Detailing has developed an excellent reputation for interior detailing services. If you’re ready for an interior detailing, then give us a call!

Standard Car Wash

At Lakeland Car Detailing, we provide standard car washing services too! Although advanced detailing services are in-demand, sometimes a full detail isn’t necessary. In Polk County, local residents may not need a complete detail consisting of interior detailing and exterior detailing. Luckily, we provide a mobile car wash service in Lakeland, FL! Obviously, we strive to offer an affordable car wash option throughout Central Florida. Lakeland Auto Detailing is conveniently located in Lakeland, so we offer a mobile car wash service throughout Polk County, FL. Although we haven’t been detailing cars for more than three years, we are founded by automotive enthusiasts with a passion for auto detailing. We’re focused on keeping cars in pristine condition with car cleaning services such as mobile detailing, exterior detailing, interior detailing, and car washing. Central Florida is known for sunny weather, but the intense sunlight wreaks havoc on vehicles. Additionally, the ocean salt (and sand) damage the exterior of vehicles. If you’ve got a dirty car in Lakeland, then we encourage you to reach out to us! We provide the best car wash option in Polk County, and we look forward to working with you. Until then, check out our car detailing reviews on Google, Yelp, and Foursquare.

Auto Detailing in Lakeland, Florida

In Florida, automotive enthusiasts are everywhere! Throughout the city of Lakeland, we’ve been working with car enthusiasts for years. We’ve detailed classic cars, luxury cars, and antique vehicles too. At Lakeland Auto Detailing, the car detailing experts are capable of handling any vehicle with care. Typically, the locals of Lakeland FL love their cars… But, do they take care of them? While most people attempt to take care of their automobiles, the cars in Central Florida are dirty. Although we can’t wash every dirty car in Lakeland, we strive to provide professional detailing services to every resident throughout the city. At Lakeland Car Detailing, we provide the best detailing services within Central Florida. Do you remember the last time you detailed your car? Especially near the beach, an interior detail should be completed often! Unless you’re driving a truck for a living, an interior detail ought to be performed at least three times per year. If the car hasn’t been cleaned in a while, then the initial interior cleaning may take a few hours. In Lakeland, cars are big investments for people. If you’re serious about protecting the investment, then professional car detailing services are a must! Conveniently located in Central Florida, Lakeland Car Detailing is the unofficial auto detailing service of Polk County!

Our Partners

At Lakeland Auto Detailing, we are committed to supporting other car detailing services! Throughout the United States, we’ve helped a few car detailing companies establish themselves on the internet. Recently, we worked with San Diego Car Detailing. They’ve been providing professional car details throughout San Diego, CA. If you’re interested in their mobile detailing services throughout California, then you may visit their website. Thanks for supporting our wonderful partners!